A Comfortable Solution-Focused Environment
To Resolve Custody Issues & Transform Families


Having to go through divorce with children is one of the most stressful times in life. Parents are overwhelmed with negative thoughts, emotions and a distressing recognition that you don't have full parental control. Parents enter the arduous process of going back and forth to court.  

Creative Custody Solutions (CCS) helps increase your control over the decisions for your children and yourselves and minimize court time, through a varitey of options. You can stipulate or have ordered a Special Master.  The Special Master has quasi-judicial power and allows parents to generate parenting plans, changes as needed to daily issues and come to quicker agreements that work for all. You don't have to necessarily wait for a court hearing on the matter. CCS provides  Co-Parenting Therapy, Reunification Therapy and Child & Adult Therapies.

You can regain your voice in the decision making process and truly help your children and yourselves.

Healthy Alternative

The Court system, by nature is set to be fact finding and one party "respondent" versus "petitioner."  This process is challenging enough for adults, not to mention the fall out to the children. Having custody issues protracted at length is typically not in anybody's best interest emotionally or financially, thus Creative Custody Solutions offers a healthy alternative.

Psychologists-Family Law Team

Creative Custody Solutions has a team of specialists that understand the process of divorce, can work well with Attorneys/Courts as needed and can help the entire family by providing a variety of services needed when going through divorce. We perform 730 Custody Evaluations, Co-Parenting Therapy, Step-Parenting Therapy, Parenting Plan Development and adherence (Special Master), Reunification Therapy and Child/Adult Therapies.

We help parents and children get back on track in a healthy forward progression.  Additionally, there are times when children may need to be evaluated for psychological or academic issues. Our specialists can provide comprehensive psychological/educational/neuropsychological testing to better understand the child and help in their academic and emotional needs.  Creative Custody Solutions offers a team approach so the variety of issues that exist in divorce can be positively addressed under one roof.
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A Comfortable Solution-Focused Environment
To Resolve Custody Issues & Transform Families
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