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Here at CREATIVE CUSTODY SOLUTIONS, we understand that when people go through divorce, proper guidance (legal and psychological) is of utmost importance for everyone involved. People need to know they have someone they can lean on to help them through this process in a healthier, less costly manner. Here at CREATIVE CUSTODY SOLUTIONS, we wish to help you get through divorce in a personal and family healthy way.

  1. Dr. Eugene Wong
    Dr. Eugene Wong
    Developmental and Educational Psychologist, tenured professor, and international speaker. Dr. Wong is on the forefront of developmental and education research. Currently, he provides developmental assessment and academic remediation through a variety of modalities including: working memory and executive functioning training, as well as organizational and academic planning. Effects of divorce are rarely solely emotional for children, they can spill over onto the child's academic world. Dr. Wong knows the interplay between divorce, concentration and academic issues. Dr. Wong is also a recipient of the prestigious Golden Apple Award and the Outstanding Professor Award.
  2. Dr. Dudley Wiest
    Dr. Dudley Wiest
    Licensed Psychologist and received Board Certification in School Neuro-psychology, which is the highest recognition in the field of school neuro-psychology. Dr. Wiest has 25 years of experience in child, family and couples therapy and consultation to schools. His in depth and compassionate approach to working with families and step-families is why he has an outstanding reputation in Orange County. Dr. Wiest has been a distinguished speaker and publisher internationally in the area of motivation, attachment, remediation of memory and Attention Deficit through computerized cognitive re-training. He is certified in hypnosis and EMDR for trauma work.
  3. Dr. Sue Tonkins
    Dr. Sue Tonkins
    Founder of Creative Custody Solutions, is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with two post-doctoral specialties in child and adult therapies. She has held faculty appointments at Northwestern University and Harvard Medical School. While at Harvard, Dr. Tonkins was the founder and executive director of the Police Action Counseling Team, a program recognized by the White House for its effectiveness on crime prevention and helping children exposed to trauma and violence. She has also received training in Hostage Negotiations through the FBI and California Association of Hostage Negotiators. Over the past 25 years, Dr. Tonkins has effectively and compassionately treated children and families within a variety of traumatic and high-conflict situations. Dr. Tonkins recognizes the problem of an adversarial court system and believes in a more creative process to help children and families going through divorce. She has brought together a multi-disciplinary team of professionals that understand the legal system, and can best facilitate families moving through the divorce/court process in a healthier and less stressful manner.
  4. Jessica St. Clair, MS, MFT
    Jessica St. Clair, MS, MFT
    Jessica St. Clair has been a member for 20+ years of the Orange County Panel of Child Custody Evaluators. She is a Court recognized expert in divorce therapies and 730 custody evaluations. Ms. St. Clair has a profound understanding of children and families going through divorce and creatively insightfully engages with children and adults. She has specialized training in art, play, EMDR and sand tray work with children which immediately helps them connect and work beyond words. Prior to her Degree in Marriage/Family Work, she was an elementary school teacher specializing in learning disabilities. She truly approaches families from a comprehensive stand. With high-conflict parents, she has specialized treatment in bringing down the intense acrimony, enabling parents to function healthier and productively. She is well respected by colleagues and Judges for her thorough testimonies in Court.
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