Prior to divorce, 
frustrations and disappointments mount.  Most parents don't want to fracture a family unless it is really necessary. Once decided, a wave of feelings and thoughts abound.  Then the official process of working with lawyers and court appearances adds further strife.  Support and
wise guidance is needed at this time.  
We offer this guidance and therapies for the adults and children going through divorce.  


Parent/s are always seen prior to children to determine what is most important and then a treatment plan is developed together.  Therapy may occur with the family, one parent-child, siblings or just the child, depending on what is most needed.  

CCS undertands issues of alliances that can occur, and we are qualified to help a child develop a relationship, when appropiate with each parent. 

The Creative Custody office with it’s colors, sand tray, art, puppets etc. creates an environment where the child can look forward to coming and receiving the understanding and support they need.
Whatever issues are evaluated, such as grief, anxiety, depression, adhd, learning issues, we will offer recommendations that can best help your child.


Working one on one is a collaborative, active process. Listening carefully to you is foundational, but that is just the start. 

Together, we can understand your situation and how to best effect lasting change.  Going through a divorce stirs up many issues and in therapy we can gain a better understanding and plan to move forward in life.
Engaging in the court process is challenging, but we can help guide you and minimize the advesarial battle and involvement in the Courts. This helps not just yourself, but your child as well.  Having custody issues protracted at length is typically not in anybody's best interest emotionally or financially, thus Creative Custody Solutions offers a healthy alternative.
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