Our Services

Going through a divorce is never easy. It is something all married couples never really planned for, but is something that almost 5 out of 10 married couples in the United States will go through at one point in their lives. It is therefore of utmost importance to know there's expert help you can count on to be there with you every step of the way, providing personalized, CREATIVE CUSTODY SOLUTIONS that work to everyone's benefit.

If you're in Orange County, CA, and are in need of trusted team to help make your divorce proceedings as bearable and stress-free for everyone concerned as possible, you couldn't have come to a better place!

CREATIVE CUSTODY SOLUTIONS, INC. offers a team of psychologists/custody evaluators dedicated to providing services that help clients through the divorce process by providing CO-PARENTING, SPECIAL MASTER, REUNIFICATION THERAPY, ADULT & CHILD THERAPIES & 730 CUSTODY EVALUATIONS.

CREATIVE CUSTODY SOLUTIONS is a service oriented company composed of industry experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Collaborative Family Law. We focus on veering away from the adversarial court system and believe in a more creative process to help children and families going through a divorce. 

Dr. Sue Tonkins, the Founder of Creative Custody Solutions has brought together a multi-disciplinary team of professionals that understand the personal and familial issues specific to divorce, and can best facilitate families moving through the divorce/court process in a healthier and less stressful manner.