What is Reunification Therapy in Child Custody Matters?

Reunification Therapy is typically ordered, when one parent has not been integrally involved in their childs' life for whatever reason and  is wishing or  ordered to re-connect.  This therapy is designed to assess the individuals and family as a whole and when appropriate, work to reintegrate the parent that has not been involved.
Reunification therapy can be wanted or not wanted by the other parent or the children.  Creative Custody Solutions' Specialists are experienced in the delicate nature of this issue and as a result, recognizes this therapy as a "process," not a forced situation.  How this therapy is handled is critical in how well or not the parent-child bond gets reconstructed.  
Based on the process, the Reunification Therapist can make recommendations to the Court to support what may be in the best interest of the children.
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